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Tsu-Ching Yu started her formal healing arts studies in 2005 beginning with Reiki.  From there she became exposed to many healing modalities that complimented each other.  She is a registered Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner through the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners Inc. as well as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.  Tsu-Ching incorporates hypnosis with energy and soul integrations and finds soul exploration to be extremely fascinating. 

She is fulfilling her dream of healing others with her voice and singing and is very honoured to be certified as a Tao Song Singer because Tao song carries Source frequency and vibration to heal, rejuvenate and purify the soul, heart, mind and body, and to transform relationships, finances, intelligence, children and every aspect of life though a team of Tao saints that heal and bless.  Her goal is to help guide others to find and integrate all of themselves, to be aware and mindful of our surroundings and reactions to our environment, and be free from external attachments.  Essentially, to be the best expression of ourselves with purpose, love, and grace. 

Tsu-Ching has completed and passed her teacher certification in Lu Jong, Tibetan healing yoga in the linage of Tulku Lobsang in Germany of 2015 and is now the third certified teacher in Toronto.  She is excited to share this spiritual, physical, and mental practice with the world. 


Hypnosis Training - Hypno-Healing Institute

Certified as a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guide of Hypnotist in October 2008
Completed Master Certificate in December 2008
Past-Life Regression Practitioner in July 2009
Advanced Hypnosis with Dr. Victor Rausch in October 2012 
Life-between-Lives Advanced Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapy Intensive Training in Spiritual Exploration with Marjorie V. Reynolds, Ph.D. in April 2014 

Reiki Training - Barb Keshen

Completed levels I, II, and Master from 2005 - 2006
Member of the Canadian Reiki Association

Quantum Touch - Alain & Jody Harriet

Core Transformation I in Detroit of 2006
Core Transformation II in Toronto of October 2009 

Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert

Academy of Culinary Nutrition - Meghan Telpner

Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert in January 2014

Hay House - Doreen Virtue & Raleigh Valentine

Certified Angel Card Reader in March 2014 

Soul Power Institute - Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Certified Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer in May 2014
Certified Tao Song Singer & Soul Healer in June 2014

Nangten Menlang - Tulku Lobsang

Certified Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga Teacher in February 2015
Certified Kum Nye Tibetan Massage Practitioner in November 2015

Still Light Centre Thai Massage School

Primary Certification Thai Massage Practitioner in September 2016

Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)

Completed NRT Lower Body Workshop in May 2016
Completed NRT Upper Body Workshop in September 2016
Completed NRT Advance Workshop in October 2016

Sorig Khang International - Foundation for Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Qualified as a Nejang Tibetan Healing Yoga Teacher in June 2016
Studied KuNye 1 & 2 with Donla Tsering in Italy 2017
Studied KuNye 3 with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in 2017