Service Fee Schedule

Services Description Service Fee
Thai Massage Massage that combines acupressure, Ayurveda, and yoga postures for overall well-being.   
Tibetan Massage   Subtle energy body, muscles, joints, tendons, and elements massage.  
Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)  Special methods used to reduce tightness, tension, and pain in muscles by communicating with the nervous system.  
Past-lives Exploration  Past life exploration brings greater clarity and understanding of patterns of behaviours, habits, and uncovering of root cause of present issues. $150 / session (~1 1/2 - 2 hours)
Life-between-lives Exploration  Life between life exploration brings proper perspective of the physical being and clarity of how certain emotional and behaviour patterns influence our present and future paths.  It is highly recommended to have a few past-life exploration sessions before delving into life between lives. $300 / session (~3 hours)
Relationship Decording Transforming relationships through exploration of energetic cords connected to the chakras and past situations as well as forgiveness practice. $75 / per hour
Motivational Hypnosis  This involves uncovering the root cause of any blockages (i.e. mental or emotional), clearing past issues, assigning and empowering part of you to new roles, and motivational exercises.  $75 / per hour
Soul Healing    
 Tao Song 
Soul Healing & Blessing

Tao Song carries Source frequencies & vibration to heal, rejuvenate and purify the soul, heart, mind and body, transforming relationships, finances, intelligence, children and every aspect of life.  $50 / session (~15 - 20 minutes)
Divine Healing Hands 
Healing & Blessing
Divine Healing Hands bless and heal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, relationships, finances, intelligence, and every aspect of life.  This service can also be done remotely. $40 / session (~15 - 30 minutes)
Consultation Feel free to ask me about my services and how I can serve you. Free