Lu Jong - Tibetan Healing Yoga

The  Lu Jong practice is a series of body movements that developed more than 8000 years ago in Tibet. Lu Jong originates in the Buddhist Tantrayana and Bön traditions and it is based on Tibetan Medicine. 

Tibetan Medicine understands that diseases are the consequence of imbalanced elements and humors (the vital substances of the body). Through the combination of position, movement and breath, Lu Jong opens the channels in the body and mobilizes misdirected energy. In this way, the practice of Lu Jong helps to cultivate balance on the physical, mental and energetic levels.

On the physical level, the movements support the healing processes and also effectively combat disease. With regular practice we become more flexible, strong and improve our overall vitality.

On a mental level, Lu Jong helps us overcome negative emotions like anger and craving in order to achieve emotional balance and increase our energy. Through the exercises of Lu Jong we can influence the mind in such a way that it becomes free and compassionate. Our well being, awareness of our body and inner sensitivity, as well as our power of concentration and clarity are strengthened.

On an energetic level, Lu Jong releases blockages and opens the subtle body channels. Reestablishing the proper flow of energy has profound consequences for the health of both body and mind. And when we open our channels, we open our hearts.

This form of Lu Jong originates in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang, who introduced the practice of Lu Jong to the West. Prior to this, he received many years of teachings from masters of different Tibetan Buddhist schools. In this way, he was able to collect these precious exercises and modify them to adapt to Western needs. The result is an extensive program of physical movements, which bring our bodies and minds into balance. The practice of Lu Jong is suitable for all ages and physical abilities. While the movements of Lu Jong are simple, they can surely change your life. 


"May the practice of Lu Jong reduce the suffering of the people ."
~Tulku Lobsang

Tibetan Healing Yoga Class

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