CFC Heart of Stars

IAEP Prototype - Heart of Stars

Tsu-Ching Yu co-produced this art installation with Vanessa Shaver at the Canadian Film Centre which was launched in Nuit Blanche at the Bata Shoe Museum.  Tsu-Ching was also the lead programmer, designer, and singer for the project using C++ in OpenFrameWorks and Microsoft Kinect.

Heart of Stars (Vanessa Shaver, Tsu-Ching Yu) Using the groundbreaking technology of the Microsoft Kinect and building on the innovation of the Kinect open source community, Heart of Stars lets users become 3D avatars made of points of light and float through space. Combining high-resolution images of deep space with gesture-triggered operatic electronica, Heart of Stars entices all users to defy gravity and try to fly through the cosmos.

Heart of Stars
Interacting with Heart of Stars