Tsu-Ching stunting on a crane 113ft up.


Tsu-Ching Yu has been doing stunts since July 2009 when she landed a lead stunt doubling role on the second season of Aaron Stone as Dark Tamara.  She loves and appreciates the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual aspects and challenges that arise from preparing and executing each stunt.  The exhilarating feeling of accomplishment in this art is what drives her passion as well as feeling honoured to be able to participate in incredible storytelling through motion pictures.

Film & Television Credits

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Tsu-Ching Yu's Stunt Resume

Headshot & Resume

Quantico - Season 1
- episode 113

Stunt Iris

Jean Frenette / Stage 49 Ltd.

Orphan Black - Season 4
- episode 401

Stunt Maggie Chen

Randy Butcher / Rabbit Hole

12 Monkeys - Season 2
- episode 205

Stunt Stacy

Brian Jagersky / GEP 12 Monkeys Inc.

Slasher Stunt Alison

Angelica Lisk-Hann / Shaftesbury Slasher I Inc.

AKKABA (X-men) Stunt Student

Mike Scherer / Fox Quebec Productions Ltd.

- episode 103 
Stunt Crowd

Eric Bryson / Damien TV Productions Inc.

Cheerleader Death Squad
Stunt Shopper

Marco Bianco / CN Pilot Productions Inc.

Dark Matter - Season 1
- episode 105 
Stunt Young Woman

John Stead / Dark Matter Series Inc.

Gangland Undercover
episode 4 
Stunt Actor Jonny's Girl

Matt Birman / Cineflix (Bikers) Inc.

Bitten - Season 2
- episode 203 & 204 
Stunt Actor Melanie John Stead / She-Wolf Season 2 Productions Inc.
The Listener - Season 5
- episode 507 
Stunt Double Sally John Stead / Shaftesbury Listener V Inc.
Hemlock Grove - Season 2
- episode 207 
Stunt Zealot Matt Birman / Lockhem Productions Inc.
Murdoch Mysteries - Season 7
- episode 716 
Stunt Actor Wu Ling Darren Marsman / Louis Paquette (fight coordinator)

Beauty & the Beast - Season 1
- episode 116 

Stunt Double Catherine
"Kristin Kreuk"
Joel Harris / BATB Productions Inc.
Robocop Stunt Performer Thomas DuPont
Girlhouse Stunt Double Janet "Chasty Ballesteros" Joel Harris / Girlhouse Production Inc.
White House Down Stunt Hostage John Stoneham Jr.
Nikita - Season 3
- episodes 307, 309, 310 
Alternative Stunt Double Nikita
- Previs only 
Tig Fong (fight coordinator)
- episodes 209, 210, 212, 213 
Stunt Double Ai Ning & Ming /
Stunt Buiness woman / Rioter 
John Stead / XIII Series 2 Inc.
Dark Rising - Warrior of Worlds 
- episode 103
Stunt Actor Ms. L - Main Demon Eric Bryson / DR66 Productions Ltd.

Covert Affairs
- episode 308 

Stunt Shopper Ken Quinn / GEP Productions Inc.
Pacific Rim (Still Seas) Belchers Stunt Driver / Anti-Kaiju Refugee Crowd /
Chinese Stunt Double
Branko Racki
Total Recall Stunt Visitor John Stoneham Jr. / Andy Gill
Breakout Kings - Season 1
- episode 112 
Stunt Double Jade Jamie Jones / Breakout Kings Series Productions Inc.
Harriet the Spy Stunt Hotel Waiter John Stead / HTS Productions Inc.
Aaron Stone - Season 2
- episodes 201, 207, 208, 209, 211, 213, 214 
Lead Stunt Double "Tania Gunadi" John Stead / Shaftesbury Aaron Stone Inc.


Intermediate Actor Combatant: Academy of Dramatic Combat - Steve Wilsher

Filipino Martial Arts / Silat: Shawn Zirger & Mike Allen

Basic Gymnastics: Allen Keng

Muay Thai: Ed Advincula

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling: MECCA MMA

Boxing, MMA: Everton McEwan

Hot Yoga: Moksha

Kenpo Karate (Brown belt)

Open Water Diver Certified by PADI

Dragonboat: UC Water Dragons (University of Toronto)

Acting: Tom Melissis

Improvisation: David Boyce


Tsu-Ching Yu - Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps Certificate